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Blog · June 20, 2018

Classic Cocktails (With a Twist)


Having a thought-out beverage menu can take your event to the next level. When developing your menu, remember to cater to your guests' experience. Sometimes a well-made Cosmo is just as good as a more esoteric cocktail. Familiar options make guests feel comfortable, but it's definitely adding a little extra creativity to your offerings that will go a long way to creating a memorable event.

Classic cocktails, such as the martini, old fashioned, and daiquiri, are familiar to most people. We love to create riffs on old standbys like these. By adding our own twist, we can provide guests with an element of surprise—and that can open their minds to other types of spirits.

For example, a daiquiri consists of simple syrup, lime, and rum. This cocktail is made up of three basic ingredients, so it's an easy one to rework! You can decrease the simple syrup by half and mix it with banana liqueur to add a bit more of a tropical flavor. For an old fashioned, consider switching out the base spirit from whiskey to mezcal and swapping Angostura bitters to mole bitters. Doing this will create a whole new flavor profile, but retains the same familiar classic style.

Your beverage menu should consist of several cocktails that your guest can recognize as well as a few that stand out as truly unique. Overall, find balance, be approachable, gain trust, and then challenge their palates with exciting flavors.

Gourmondo Cocktails

Walnut Manhattan

  • 2 oz. bourbon
  • ½ oz. Punt e Mes vermouth
  • ½ oz. walnut liqueur
  • 2 drops Angostura bitters

Tools: bar spoon, strainer Glass: rocks Garnish: two maraschino cherries

Stir all of the ingredients together in a mixing glass with ice. Strain into a rocks glass over a few cubes of fresh ice. Garnish.

Better Luck Tomorrow

  • 1½ oz. vodka
  • ¾ oz. fresh lemon juice
  • ½ oz. Aperol
  • ½ oz. Elderflower liqueur
  • ½ oz. simple syrup (1:1)

Tools: shaker, strainer Glass: Double Old Fashioned Garnish: grapefruit peel

Shake ingredients and strain into a glass. Top with ice cubes and garnish.

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