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Blog · April 15, 2020

Helping Us Breathe Easier

Two Designers Making a Difference


Masha Osoianu Design

Masha Osoianu has fashion in her blood. Based out of St. Petersburg, Florida by way of Seattle, and the daughter of a high-end fashion designer, Masha’s first line of hand-knitted pieces walked the runway when she was just 15. Now, nearly 12 years after the inception, development, and immense success of her own business, Masha was facing a unique challenge: With upcoming events postponed, how could she do her part to help the community?

Partnering with other locals in the area, Masha came up with a plan of action. She would use her skills as a seamstress and designer to sew masks that would fit over the protective N-95 masks used in hospitals. These coverings would provide the N-95 mask an outer layer of protection so that they can be reused by staff while Masha’s masks are sanitized each night. Those in the community who could not sew volunteered to deliver the masks, and thus her venture was born.

Masha’s Gourmondo connection began after she read the recent Seattle Times feature detailing the partnership between Amazon and Gourmondo for feeding local at-risk residents in her former hometown. She reached out to Gourmonodo’s CEO and Founder Alissa Leinonen with a proposal to provide masks for our team. The two collaborated on designs that would be effective while also uplifting the teams with fun colors and patterns that allow for vibrancy in these trying times. Masha then has taken the proceeds from the Gourmondo partnership and paid it forward into more fabric so that she can continue creating masks for local hospitals and treatment centers in her area.


Crafters Against COVID-19

From high fashion to high fun, Candace Frank takes a different approach to design in her life. A local costume designer in Seattle, she has found her own way to make an impact during the pandemic. Founding “Crafters Against Covid-19”, Candace has partnered with many other local designers and artists to use their knowledge in an effort to support those in need during this time. Her fundraising page now sits at an incredible $14,296 with more room to grow. Their first deliveries, Gourmondo included, reached locations such as the Downtown Emergency Service Center, the Renton Kidney Center, the Sequim Emergency Operations Center, and the University of Washington Valley Medical Center.

With roughly 16,500 masks already delivered in just three weeks, Candace and “Crafters Against Covid-19” are truly becoming that difference that they wanted to see in the community. Click here to support their cause.