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Blog · August 09, 2017

Ready, Set, Breakfast

How we expanded our offerings, while preserving our brand.


We never planned to get into the breakfast biz. Though Gourmondo began as a small café in Pike Place Market (more than 20 years ago!), our brand was built on our popular boxed lunch deliveries. With our mastery of the mid-day meal, we then expanded into corporate and event catering, becoming one of Seattle’s largest catering companies. But, we didn’t stop there.

Pleased with our delicious, fresh fare, our clients started inquiring about breakfast. Their requests triggered the question internally, “why don’t we serve our customers the most important meal of the day?” And, voila, our breakfast program was born. Ten years later, it is a thriving component of our company thanks to innovation, listening to our customers, and staying true to our brand. To help guide your own company’s growth, we’d like to share this morning story with you here in our Business of Food blog.


We launched with a simple Continental Breakfast. In 2007, our program took a giant leap forward when we opened our own in-house bakery. With these handcrafted pastries—like flaky croissants, buttery scones and homemade, retro Pop Tarts, we were able to offer a more custom experience and premium product.  We also could accommodate our client’s needs and specific dietary restrictions, like gluten-free pastries.

Now, our breakfast buffet menu includes healthy yogurt parfaits made with fresh fruit and house-made granola, savory farmers market veggie frittatas, breakfast sandwiches, Gourmondo Signature Oatmeal, four tasty flavor combos packed fresh each day, and our crowd-pleasing Egg Bombs (our original recipe of eggs baked in a ham shell), breakfast menu reflects our brand’s commitment to offering diverse choices to keep our customers happy.

Gourmondo's Signature Egg Bomb

To align with Gourmondo’s love of local, seasonal ingredients, we offer gourmet smoked salmon from a Woodinville company, Gerard & Dominique Seafoods. For our coffee set-ups, we partner with Pac NW coffee roasters like Fonte and Stumptown, ensuring each cup meets the discerning palates of caffeine-loving Seattleites.


Since May 2016, Gourmondo’s breakfast business is up 50 percent AND it is the fastest-growing category in our company. We are proud to be known as a one-stop shop for good food in Seattle. The success of our breakfast program has taught us how the best way to expand into new territories is to listen to our clients, act thoughtfully, and adhere to our brand’s principles.

The lesson here is that by listening to our clients and diversifying our offerings to meet their needs it opened the door to new opportunities, which continue to better our brand. For instance, Gourmondo will soon launch its new Breakfast Package Menus. They’ll be arranged in themes similar to our Buffet Package Menus—we’ve worked hard to customize delicious menus for our clients so that they can have an easy time ordering.