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Blog · March 30, 2020

Serving Our Community


The Gourmondo Team is proud to have partnered with Amazon to provide 73,000 meals to the elderly and those with disabilities living at King County Housing Authority and Seattle Housing Authority properties. In these uncertain times, we are so fortunate to have been able to adapt to better serve our community- providing nourishing meals to those most vulnerable among us.

Amazon vice president of Global Real Estate and Facilities, John Schoettler, expressed, “We know we are stronger together, and this unique partnership between Amazon, King County Housing Authority, Seattle Housing Authority, and Gourmondo Co. not only provides tens of thousands of critical meals to thousands of our neighbors in urgent need, it helps ensure a local small business can keep its doors open and continue doing what they do best." Stephen Norman, executive director of the King County Housing Authority, expressed the “lifesaving” nature of this service, stating, “The deliveries ensure these residents have access to food while being able to shelter in place and avoid trips outside.”


Residents from the King County Housing Authority agreed, sharing, “I am at very high risk of complications from the virus and these meals will help keep me close to home for a while…. It is very uplifting.” And “I can’t believe that anybody would do something like that for us. I want to thank you so much.” A service coordinator for KCHA let us know, “I just got off the phone with one of my residents and she was crying. She has been super anxious about her food supply and didn’t know what she was going to do.” We are so grateful to be a part of a wonderful community that keeps us smiling through these hard times, and we’re happy to return the favor. “Thank you very much for providing the boxed lunches. I have been so worried about the residents not having enough food. The lunch far exceeded my expectation.”


A passionate advocate for community support, our CEO and Founder, Alissa Leinonen, shared, “I am a fourth generation Seattleite and love my city and community. Having this opportunity to serve some of the more vulnerable people in our community, particularly the elderly who have fewer resources for food, has been profoundly impactful. Even though we cannot be close to our own parents and grandparents during this time, we can still help feed and support many others, and that has given all of us at Gourmondo a sense of purpose during these difficult times. We are proud and grateful for Amazon’s support and for giving us the opportunity to do what we love most—serving meals to our community with love and care."


Our Gourmondo family has been touched by the response we have received thus far from this partnership and we can’t wait to continue bringing great food to those in need. As we serve those most vulnerable, we would like to encourage everyone to continue social distancing and staying at home when you are able to protect our entire community. Through these continued efforts, we will help our city heal and come out stronger on the other side. Stay inside, stay healthy, and remember #wegotthisseattle!

Read the full story on Amazon’s blog here or check out this video to see how our team has been bringing lunches to 2,700 residents in the Seattle area.

*All photos credit to Amazon